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Office Hours

Oct 10, 2017

“There is nothing that is a greater expression of your personal power than your day job.”

In the second episode of Office Hours, TK and Isaac break down two questions that focus on empowering yourself in your relationship to your work. 

First, how do you approach a situation at work where you are pushing for a change that others aren't ready for yet? 

And second, how do you pursue your dreams while succeeding at your day job? 

In this episode:

  • Clearing the air about Lord of the Rings
  • How goals and rules lead to fulfillment
  • How options can blind you from opportunities
  • Going from “we should” to “I did”
  • How do you build your dream when you are working on your day job.
  • The only way that a day job makes it harder to achieve your goals is because it makes it easier to make excuses for not doing it


  • Isaac’s answers on Quora: