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Office Hours

Oct 31, 2017

This week on Office Hours, TK and Isaac answer four questions and run into overtime. 
- How do I get a job after a failed startup?
- How do you answer a question about weaknesses in a job interview? 
- I’ve been at my current job for three years and my boss has never brought up the topic of giving me a raise, is this a bad sign? 
- I have so many things to do that I often feel overwhelmed and don’t get started on anything. How do I start working towards my goals? 
Topics Covered: 
- Non-zero days 
- Daily challenges vs. a big end goal
- Going from a startup failure to finding a job
- What are employers looking for when they ask applicants about interviews 
- “Learning is the process of doing what you don’t know how to do, while you don’t know how to do it” 
- Do you really want to ask for a raise? 
- Taking responsibility for assessing your own worth in a job
- Getting overwhelmed by wanting to do to many things
- “What you choose and how you do it matter a lot less than that you choose and that you do it.” 
- Hypothetical overwhelm 
- How to Read a Book a Week by Julian Smith ( 
- TK telling the story of his first startup failing on the Isaac Morehouse Podcast (