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Office Hours

Oct 17, 2017

Whether its a church, a workplace, or a college campus, the status you have in the small setting is different than your status in a larger context.

It is easy to forget it and get stressed about your lack of status in a certain context. This is especially common for young people at school and at work. They get wrapped up in small games to win favor in small contexts.

It's important to remember the world outside of your workplace so that you can win influence when it serves your long-term goals and avoid the game when it doesn't. 

This week on Office Hours, TK and Isaac discuss contextual currency and answer your questions about relationships and relationships to work. 

1) “How do I find smart friends?”

2) “How can I become more of a self-starter at my job?”

3) “How do I respond when my employer makes me do something that isn’t my responsibility?”

In this episode: 

  • Contextual currency and Applebee’s cool

  • Deciding when to play the game

  • Finding good friends

  • How to become more of a self-starter at work

  • Creativity as a discipline

  • Selfishly doing your job as good as you can