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Office Hours

Oct 31, 2017

This week on Office Hours, TK and Isaac answer four questions and run into overtime. 
- How do I get a job after a failed startup?
- How do you answer a question about weaknesses in a job interview? 
- I’ve been at my current job for three years and my boss has never brought up the topic of giving me a...

Oct 24, 2017

Office Hours this week is all about communication. Whether it is at work, for a large audience, or for someone who doesn't share your beliefs, communication can create challenges at work and in your day to day life. 
In this episode of Office Hours, TK and Isaac break down questions about communication in three...

Oct 17, 2017

Whether its a church, a workplace, or a college campus, the status you have in the small setting is different than your status in a larger context.

It is easy to forget it and get stressed about your lack of status in a certain context. This is especially common for young people at school and at work. They get wrapped...

Oct 10, 2017

“There is nothing that is a greater expression of your personal power than your day job.”

In the second episode of Office Hours, TK and Isaac break down two questions that focus on empowering yourself in your relationship to your work. 

First, how do you approach a situation at work where you are pushing for a...

Oct 10, 2017

This week on the first episode of Office Hours, TK and Isaac tackle three questions about a daughter who feels stuck in college, a young entrepreneur who doesn’t know how to pitch his business and a successful professional who feels bored with life.

In this episode:
- A handwritten letter from a mom with an ambitious...