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Office Hours

Oct 16, 2018

This week on Office Hours, TK and Isaac discuss TK's new video series, "TK's College Tour of Bad Arguments," before answering listener questions about the purpose of social media and whether or not you should aim for quality or quantity in your marketing work.

Questions covered this week:

1) What is the purpose of social media?
2) Should I aim for quality or quantity in my marketing work?

Also covered in this episode:
- TK's new video series that launched last week -- "TK's College Tour of Bad Arguments" and the response he received from Professor Gardner on Twitter
- Isaac and TK's thoughts on some of the feedback they have received from people criticizing them for being too "anti-college"
- The difference between demonizing college and demonizing bad arguments for college 
- How the strategies of Christian Apologetics can be applied to college opt-outs

Links referenced in this episode: 
- Episode 1 of TK's College Tour of Bad Arguments -

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