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Office Hours

Jul 17, 2018

This week on Office Hours, TK and Isaac discuss, doing something vs. being something, following career values when you've got lots of options, and knowing when to stick it out in a hard job vs. quitting and moving on. 
- My career values are to be challenged and to make a positive impact. How is it possible to get clarity and direction, when those values can be met by paths in hundreds of fields. 
- I'm currently working in Outback Australia as a kitchen cook at a resort. I have a couple months left on my contract, but am not enjoying my work. It is very stressful and I feel detached from my coworkers. I took this job to extend my visa, and have already met that requirement. Should I stay or go? 
Topics Discussed: 
- Revisiting the life coaching question from last week. Is it really that bad to pursue a life coaching career? 
- If you want to do something as a career, just start doing the thing for free.
- What does it mean to have a positive impact in your work? 
- Works vs. doesn't work instead of right vs. wrong. 
- Don't confuse options with possibilities 
- What does it mean to not do stuff you hate? 
- Results vs. processes 

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