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Office Hours

Jun 14, 2018

In this live episode of Office Hours recorded at FEEcon, Isaac and TK kick off season two of the podcast by talking about envy, competitiveness and take questions from the audience.


- Is envy the most destructive vice?
- Falling into comparison traps.
- If other people achieving things makes you less happy, you are in a dangerous place.
- How celebrating the success of others opens up new possibilities for you.
- How you can use competitiveness to make your life better.
- Learning to connect overcoming short-term pain with achieving long-term goals.
- Use free work to move towards your career and not worrying what others think about it.
- Learning selfishly


- Is it possible that comparing yourself to others can lead to positives?
- How do the philosopher mindset and the athlete mindset correlate to entrepreneurship?
- How do you draw the line between doing free work that is advancing your career and being used?
- Advice for hiring and managing people that have more experience than you?
- How do you break through the argument that people can't teach those who don't share your life experience?

Full show notes for each episode are available at