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Office Hours

Nov 14, 2017

In this episode, TK and Isaac break down three common professional challenges. From how to talk with your employer about the salary you want, to sending follow-ups, to the professional way to move on from a job. 

- My employer wants to hire me full time and is asking me for a salary requirement, how do I answer?
- I have two podcast guests, that have agreed to interviews, but aren’t following up to my messages about scheduling, should I take the hint, or keep following up?
- I’m not satisfied with my job and I plan on leaving as soon as I find a better opportunity. Since I know I’m ready to move on, I was set to inform my employer of my plans. Do you think that is the best way? Is it unprofessional to tell your employer that you’re leaving?

Topics Discussed:
- Learning Spanish
- Working out loud
- Why are people only afraid to share learning stories and success stories
- Asking for a salary
- Following up to get what you want
- How to leave your job in a professional manner
- Thinking about how you want to tell your story when you are making decisions
- Making the transition as easy as possible for your employer when you leave