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Office Hours

Jul 24, 2018

This week on Office Hours, TK and Isaac talk about the importance of being able to read between the lines to give people what they want in personal & professional life about if dressing professionally is important early in your career.

Then they dive into listener questions on writing, norms for job search rejections, and "vulnerability" on social media.

- Do you consider yourself a good writer? What is your writing process? How did you improve it?
- Is it normal for a company to not let you know in the application process if you don't get the job? When is it too aggressive and how should I ask for feedback?
- You guys have spoken critically in the past of airing out failures, flaws, and insecurities on Facebook and social media. Are you open to the possibility that it is good thing because people connect to honesty and transparency?

Topics Covered:
- Secrets as the secret to entrepreneurial success
- Reading between the lines to become a better worker
- Dress codes as a game
- Don't focus on your status, focus on the work
- Focusing on free work instead of job applications
- Being ignored is a form of feedback
- The problems of seeking a universal prescription
- Cheap attention on Social Media


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