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Office Hours

Jul 3, 2018

This week on Office Hours, Isaac and TK take on the idea that the Warriors are ruining the NBA, talk about the how organizational success is viewed differently than individual successes, and answer listener questions.

  • My younger brother is 19 and lives at home with our parents. He doesn't have a job and hasn't taken any steps into the real world. I've started to talk to him about going to college. Do you think college, where he could be around young people and grow up step by step, is a good step for someone like my brother? 
  • I do administrative work and there is no way to get around HR and the requirement for a degree at the types of companies I am applying for jobs with. I would love to change careers, but don't have the energy after work to invest in it. How should someone like me move forward? 
  • Has Golden State's dominance ruined the NBA? 
  • Prejudice against organizational success 
  • Respecting actions more than decisions 
  • How necessity leads to discovery and development
  • Approaching roadblocks with creativity
  • Using projects to build your reputation 
  • Portfolios aren't just for artists
  • Don't argue for your limitations argue for your possibilities