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Office Hours

Aug 14, 2018

This week on Office Hours, TK and Isaac talk about how teenagers can use the pursuit of their interests to build a body of work and dive into questions about pursuing a career in the school system and managing complicated marketing projects.


- What advice would you give to teens about building a body of work?

- I love to teach, but do I have to do it in traditional high school?

- How can I tell my high school students without upsetting my employer who preaches the college gospel?

- I have a big project at work that needs a lot of buy-in from others. How do I stay organized and get stakeholders to help me?

Topics Discussed:

- Building a body of work as a teenager

- Demonstrating discipline through your interests

- There are lots of jobs in education outside of the traditional school system

- Don't limit your platform to your profession

- Living out your values instead of pushing them on others

- Staying organized when you're working on a complicated project

- Glamor vs reality of working in marketing

- Overlooking opportunities