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Office Hours

Aug 7, 2018

This week on Office Hours, TK and Isaac start things off on a provocative note. Inspired by a recent conversation with an Uber driver about historically black colleges, T.K. delves into the topic of race and discusses the question of “Is college the answer for black people?” T.K. doesn’t think so and he not only shares his reasons why, but he challenges his dissenters to debate with him on the topic if they’re willing to step up to the plate.

Additionally, they talk about why getting things started is more important than getting things perfect and they answer listener questions on moving on from a job and dealing with managerial changes.

- What are some creative or effective ways to help my employer find and coach my replacement?
- How do I succeed at a company where the management styles are consistently changing?

Topics Discussed:
- Not waiting for everything to be perfect before you start a project
- Momentum is more important that getting the details perfect
- A rant from an Uber driver.
- Moving on from a permission-based life
- College doesn't make you who you are, you make you who you are
- Not getting stuck with the old trappings of success
- Finding and coaching a replacement for your job
- How to give a conditional yes
- Documenting your work before leaving
- Learning from different management styles
- Being a value creator, no matter the context or system

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