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Office Hours

Nov 6, 2018

Next week is the LAST episode of Season 2 of Office Hours before Season 3 returns sometime next year. For the finale, Isaac and TK are doing an Ask Me Anything version of Office Hours. Send in any questions you have -- professional or not -- and we guarantee an answer! Email your questions to

This week on Office Hours, Isaac and TK debate the NBA before diving into listeners' questions.

Questions covered this week:

  1. How do I find a balance between pushing myself to extraordinary things and being realistic?
  2. How can I show my work when I’m ashamed of my work?
Also covered in this episode:
  • Experimenting and adjusting to feedback and constructive criticism 
  • How showing your work can alleviate any shame or perfectionism you feel towards it
  • How to start small and work your way up when showing your work
  • How daily challenges can be more beneficial than long-term goals

Apologies for TK's low audio around the 12 minute mark! It comes back at around the 23 minute mark.