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Office Hours

Jul 10, 2018

This week on Office Hours, TK and Isaac discuss the tendency to overlook opportunities to leverage work, when the time is right to make a strong prediction, and the law of attraction before jumping into listener questions. 
  • How do you ask a good question? What are the key elements every good question needs?
  • What is your personal stance on how much happiness should be prioritized in life?
  • I want to be a life coach, but it seems like a crowded field. How do I get my foot in the door? 
Topics Discussed: 
  • Overlooking opportunities for leverage early in your career 
  • Getting out of a job status mindset 
  • Michael Jordon's game seven guarantee 
  • The law of attraction
  • How to approach a theory that could improve our lives 
  • Don't ask generalized questions 
  • Happiness vs. joy
  • Monetizing your interests


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